I have been tattooing for the better part of a decade and still to this day i can't picture myself doing anything else. Through passion and the need to better myself I will, with my client try to create tattoos that we both can and will be proud of.


Born 1987 and raised in Lycksele and ever since that faithful day i decided to commit fully to tattooing i've been living in Umeå. I have always been drawn to the artistic sides of life. Even thou i was playing footboll or hanging out with friends during the day, i could come home and start painting or even writing poetry. Something was still missing and from my very first visit at a tattooshop i knew what it was. The sound, the smell, the atmosphere, my heartbeat slowed down.... Everything called out to me. Thus my journey started


When im not busy tattooing I mostly try to further my artistic side through painting, creating, making new tattoo flash(these you can se in my get-what-ya-get machine) or Designing a table/watch/skateboard you name it!  As long as im creating something im happy.So if you have an idea for a collaboration feel free to contact me.

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Telephone: +46 70-9414832


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