Here you will see some of my paintings made on different sized stretched canvases and basicly any type of frame. The one common thing with all the artwork in this gallery is that no one pre-ordered any of them.   

Here you will find pieces that were custom ordered by clients, Collaborations with basicly whom ever wanted to(brands, stores, friends and so on), Original Tattoo Designs and so much more.

Apparel, Streetwear, Wallhanging clocks, Refurnished furniture, Custom Costers, One-of Ekenbro Design Furnitures, Resinart The list goes on and on and i will always try my hardest to make Products that i will be proud of. Custom quality products mixed with my design.

That is Ekenbro Design.

Find Me

Rådhusesplanaden 12, 90328 Umeå

Telephone: +46 70-9414832

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:

Appointments only 12-20

Drop ins welcome, if time is avalible.

call, e-mail or visit the shop to see

if  there are any openings

Ekenbro Design

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