Get what ya get machines

Each machines is filled with different original designs and each machines has its own price. 500,1000, 1500 or 2000SEK.

You can see what design are in what machine in the binders you can look through in the shop. You can of course choose from the binders if you see a design you like and get it at full price or try your luck at the machines where every design is at a discounted price. For example a design that cost 1500-2500SEK originally you might get when useing the 1000SEK machine. You can ether book an appointment for this or just drop by and see if there is any time avalible. I will have a drop in sign outside the shop that shows if drop ins are avalible.

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Telephone: +46 70-9414832


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:

Appointments 12-20

Drop ins welcome, if time is avalible.

Call or e-mail to see

if  there are any openings

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