• Get at good nights sleep and try to eat something before the session so you have lots of enery.
    • If your doing a long session maybe bring a fruit, drink or a snack to refil during a break.
    • Don't come in your nicest clothes, the might get ruined if som colour spill on them. You will NOT get any compensasion for clothing or other things.
    • if you dont like to lay on the plastic cover when your for example working on a backpiece the you can just bring an old towel 
    • If your planing to do a text bring a reference, if possible a printed copy. www.dafont.com is a great site to look for inspiration


  • No shoes in the tattooroom
  • No drugs or alcohol. if you come high or drunk i won't tattoo you.
  • The age-limit is always 18


Q.     How much does a tattoo cost?


That is a hard question to answer. It all depends on size, placement, what style and so on. The minimum prize is 1000SEK and my hourly rate is 1200SEK/hour when it comes to bigger pieces that take multiple sessions. Or you can book halfdays(12:00-16:00) for 3500SEK. So the esiest way to find out is to send me a description of what you what and where and i will give you an estimate. You can also book a consultation(30min). I know that getting a tattoo is a big decision so the consultaion is always free. 

Q.   Can i bring a couple of friends?

Yeah it might sound like a good idea to bring 10 friends along since your nervous but remember me and my co-worker  might not think so. Bringing one friend along is okey but please consider that we like to have a peaceful surrounding while we're working.

Q.      What type of colours do you use?

All colours i use are of the brand Eternal ink

Q.      Can i see se the linedesign before i book my appointment?


No. As i have a pretty big workload i won't be able to draw everything up when i have clients with booked dates how i prioritize. I will have your design drawn up when you arrive for you appiontment. In special cases i can can mail you the design one day prior.

If you have any more questions the esiest way to get an answer is to drop by the shop or just e-mail me directly.

I will answer to the best of my ability and as fast as i can 

Thank you!

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